Teachers Pet: Mature & Young Lesbian Desires by Alexis Ryan © Somerset Eros Publishing

Teacher’s Pet: Mature and Young Lesbian Desires

Excerpts from Alexis Ryan’s new short story

Teachers Pet: Mature & Young Lesbian Desires by Alexis Ryan © Somerset Eros Publishing
Teachers Pet: Mature & Young Lesbian Desires
by Alexis Ryan
© Somerset Eros Publishing

I was thrilled that Ms. Barrett invited me over to her place with the other members of the Poetry Club for our final meeting of the year. She was the best teacher and made English Lit actually interesting. She also knew how to talk to high schoolers. I really liked her as a teacher; we all did. She was one of the few teachers that was special and I was really going to miss her when I graduated.

OK, so I admit it. I have a bit of a crush on Ms. Barrett. She was just so fucking cool. And hot. Apparently she was an athlete her whole life and you’d believe it with her toned, fit body. Though she dressed the part of high school teacher, you could still see her voluptuous curves and the occasional time she’d grace us in heels you could see what decades of athletic training did for her shapely legs. She had to have been in her late 20’s but people say she’s in her early 30s. Doesn’t matter. She’s one of those women who will be hot her whole life.

I always had this fantasy about Ms. Barrett …

I always wanted to kneel before her on one of those days where Ms. Barrett would her heels, tighter-than-usual skirt, her raven-colored hair casually twisted up and clipped in the back, leaning up against her desk after school let out and no one around. Just standing there, in a sexy stance against her desk with a coy grin on her face as I kneel before her and slide my hands up those shapely legs of hers, pushing her skirt up her thighs. In my fantasy she’s wearing thigh-high stockings and garters with no panties to cover the swollen outer lips that hide her sweet core. In my fantasy, I’m consumed by her scent and uncontrollably begin to lick her …

But this is my fantasy and I let it remain just that: a fantasy. She’s my teacher and though I started kindergarten in a state with a ridiculously early cut-off age and consequently I’ve been 18 since I started my senior year, this is still high school. And I have a boyfriend. I’ve been with Chad since middle schools, and though we’ve grown somewhat apart as we approach graduation, he a great guy and my best friend. I don’t want to hurt him – certainly not with thoughts of tongue-banging my English Lit teacher either!

Best to leave those sexy thoughts of me and Ms. Barrett dirty things to each other as fantasies …

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