My Pillow Princess: Lesbian Oral Pleasures

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My Pillow Princess Lesbian Oral Pleasures by Alexis Ryan | Somerset Eros Publishing
My Pillow Princess Lesbian Oral Pleasures by Alexis Ryan

“Have a nice day, honey,” Trent said as he kissed his wife on the way out the door on his way to work.

“You too,” she said robotically, offering up her cheek for his peck. Everyday the same – everyday, she thought to herself. She tightened her terry cloth robe, smiled and waved good-bye to her husband. She watched him drive off and thought, now what the hell am I going to do for the next ten hours?

Sarah loved her husband very much and was grateful for the upper-class life they had. All those years of supporting and encouraging him, and of being the primary breadwinner through pre- and then law school had paid off. He was a successful lawyer with a prestigious firm in the region and was being groomed to be partner. Trent’s income was more than enough to support them and with a degree in French Literature and Poetry didn’t offer many job prospects for Sarah anyway.

They lived in a beautiful four-bedroom house with all the latest toys and gadgets in a highly sought-after, affluent neighborhood in Seattle. But she was bored. She had several friends in the neighborhood; “Ladies Who Lunch” is what they called themselves. It was a nice distraction but they only met for about an hour and a half every other week. She volunteered when and where she could, saw a massage therapist once or twice a week, and exercised regularly more out of boredom than anything else.

Though she and her husband loved each other very much, they had grown to be more partners than a loving, affectionate couple who were physically attracted to each other. Sex was very infrequent and was unfulfilling at best when it did happen. It was more like going through the motions rather than making love, and for Sarah it was a substitute for masturbating which she had grown tired of since it was almost her only sexual release.

The unfortunate part is that Sarah’s libido didn’t settle down like her marriage had. She still had a raging sex drive like she did when she was in college, and now as she was turning 30 she could feel her sex drive increasing. She wasn’t quite sure what happened to Trent’s sex drive, but since they had become more good friends they didn’t talk much about sex and she didn’t feel like pressing the subject. She just wasn’t attracted to her husband in that way.

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