Hotwife genre erotica from Somerset Eros Publishing adults only

My favorite position 2222

My favorite position


August 24, 2019
Diane Somerset
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Hotwife genre erotica from Somerset Eros Publishing adults only

A soft knock came on the door and it creaked open as a head popped in and announced, “Ten minutes, Austin.”

“Got it,” Austin said and turned to the girl in his arms, “You heard him.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re smart enough to squeeze cram something into that ten minutes, and I’d prefer you cram that dick into my pussy …”

He crushed his lips into her, silencing her speech, then he broke the kiss and looked at her. “Every second counts.”

She helped him with the belt around his faded blue jeans, and her warm hand dug in and clasped around his hard cock.

“Hmm, you’re ready,” she said and dropped down, taking the cock into her mouth. She smacked her lips around it and stroked his shaft, pushing the cock in and out of her mouth.

“Suck that cock, baby,” he said and held her hair, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. She gagged and held the back of his thighs, strings of saliva ripped down the side of her lips and her eyes shut so tight that tears circled around it, but she didn’t let him pull out just yet.

His cock glistened as she sucked on it, stroking fast with her hands. He grunted, feeling the heat building up in his balls, and then he grunted even louder when she grabbed his balls and fondled them, taking his cock out of her mouth and replacing it with his balls.

“Feels … good,” he said, the words broken, “but we got like six minutes, get yer ass up so I fuck ya!”

She chuckled, her eyes glimmering, and stood up. Wiggling her ass before him, he grabbed her by the waist and turned her around. Stroking his cock with his hand, he watched her slip her pants down, giving him a view of the red lacey panties which hugged her ass. His cock twitched just by the sight, and stiffened, then he rubbed it on her ass and smacked her ass with it, smiling at the ripple effect. He rubbed her pussy through her panties, feeling her growing moisture coat his fingers. His mouth watered and he felt like getting down on her and eating that lovely pink pussy, but there was no time. Instead, he pushed her panties aside, baring her wet pussy to him, and pushed the tip of his cock against her pussy. She moaned and shook her legs as he pushed into her.

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