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Teachers Pet: Mature Young Lesbian Desires from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

Teacher’s Pet

Mature and Young Lesbian Desires


Lesbian Teacher and Student Oral Seduction

teacher student, bicurious, first time


While Heather was taking care of the the others, Cara and I wandered to the bookshelves around the living area. She had photos from everywhere – London, Machu Picchu, the Pyramids of Giza, hiking through lush green trails of what looked like Thailand or someplace in Southeast Asia. She was always with a group of friends, everyone looked like they were having fun romping around the world with their best girlfriends … wait …


“Anna, there are no guys in any of these pictures!” Cara whispered to me in a scandalous tone.


“Oh my god, you’re right!” I whispered back with a little giggle, noticing that in all the pictures there were only women. And a variety of them, from super feminine to more butch and androgynous. Wow, some of the ladies were gorgeous but you could always find Heather in the picture. She stood out with her jet black hair and her rocking body.


“Oh my gawd, Anna, do you think Ms. Barrett is a … lesbian?!”


God, I hope so! I thought to myself. My mind raced to being with Heather again. Her leaning into me and kissing me …


“It would appear that way! But who knows maybe all the guys are back at the hotel in all these places, having beers and doing all their guys things.”


“Yeah, right Anna! And I’m a bull-dyke lesbian who’s on her knees in all the pictures licking their pussies!”


Where did that comment come from?! Cara and I had always been flirty with each other, even cuddling sometimes when we felt particular close, but her talking about eating pussy wasn’t something I’d heard her say before. It took me by surprise, but a good surprise. Maybe my friend had some dirty, little lesbian thoughts in her head too!


“Cara! Where the fuck did that come from?!” I said, playfully swatting her. I hope she couldn’t tell that secretly I wish I was actually on my knees in those pictures, but in front of Heather only, pleasing her with my tongue while she enjoyed herself in whatever exotic destination we were in.


“C’mon, Anna. There are no dudes on these vacations! These are 100%, bona fide lesbian get-aways with some pretty hot lesbians, I might say!”


She was right. There was no denying it – there were all-girls vacations with ladies who looked like they were having the times of their lives, sans men, and yes, some very hot. Still I couldn’t help wonder if Cara had some lesbian tendencies. Suddenly I was looking at my childhood friend in a different light.


We moved around to other photos and all the same: exotic locations, all girls, no guys, everyone having fun. The more pictures I saw, the more I wanted to be a part of the groups of ladies Heather traveled with. There were a few that were in almost every group picture Heather was in. Is one of these Heather’s long-distance girlfriend? I started to feel jealous. But none of her travel partners seem to be in loving poses with her, which made me feel better. Crazy thinking, I thought to myself.


“Ms. Barrett is really cool. She travels everywhere … look, here’s one of her on the beach.”


Heather on the beach? Damn, I’ve got to see this one. I turned my head to the picture Cara was pointing to. Fuck, she looked amazing.


Her toned body was in an orange bikini; she was walking from the turquoise sea behind her. Her skin was tanned and dripping wet, snorkeling goggles and breathing tube were resting on her head and an enormous conch shell in her hand. Her smile was beaming, but it was the way her suit clung to her body that had me captivated.


You could tell there was no lining in her bikini – her nipples and ridges of her areolas were visible through the triangles that made of the top and the strip of curly black hair was noticeable through her drenched wet bikini bottoms. Gazing at her in the photo, I tried to imagine Heather naked …


“Daaaaamn, Ms. Barrett,” even Cara couldn’t deny how fucking hot she looked but I wondered if Cara was also referring to the outlines of her femininity that were clear through her skimpy bikini.


“Yeah, she’s smokin’,” that was the only thing I could think of saying without giving away that was becoming increasingly infatuated with Ms. Barrett. With Heather.


Cara came up behind me and rested her chin on my shoulder as we both gazed at the hypnotizing picture of Heather. She slowly wrapped her arms around my waist and I followed by wrapping my arms on top of her. She slowly rocked me back and forth as we looked on at the photo. Cara softly turned her head and lightly pecked my neck.


“Girlfriend, we should be taking vacations like this …” she whispered in my ear and kissed my neck again, only this time a little more sensual.


My friend and I have always been close and like I’ve mentioned before, even flirty. But this was beyond flirty. This was a sensual togetherness between Cara and me, between best friends who suddenly realized they enjoyed looking at the same beautiful female form in front of them. We stood there, her arms wrapped around me, my arms resting on hers. Her head on my shoulders, light cool breath grazing my neck.


My crotch area began tingling again. I don’t know if it was Cara or Cara teasing me while I was gazing at the photo. God, I wanted to pull her bikini bottoms off and dive into her wet muff …


“What are you saying, Cara?” I said to her as I turned to look at her. I tried make it seem as though I had no idea what lesbian thoughts were and that I didn’t secretly want to be off on an all-girls vacation with lovely ladies, eating pussy all day long in far-off destinations.


“I don’t know; they all look like they are having so much fun. And I mean, with no guys it looks like it would just be, I don’t know … a lot of fun.”

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