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Taming Elizabeth

Wild Western Spanking


Cumming Soon …

The Lana Wilder Erotic Collection


Since Weston had stayed there as a permanent resident for a little over two years, he was thought of as family and took his evening meal with them.  Saturday night was the monthly dance and pitch-in dinner so on that Wednesday Elizabeth decided to put her plan in motion, hoping he would ask her to the dance. 


She decided that now being a woman of eighteen she was too old for gingham dresses with three-quarter sleeves and a high neckline so Nellie gave her a couple of dresses that she had outgrown.  As they were lower in the neckline than her mother would allow her to wear.  Nellie helped her sew some lace around the neckline to make it seem like it was not that low cut.


When she came downstairs to help with supper, her mother stopped what she was doing and eyed her daughter up and down, raising an eyebrow.  She could tell it was something Nellie would wear because it was a deep purple color and not gingham but at least lace was added to make it a modest neckline.


Good-naturedly her mother asked, “Going fishing?”


Elizabeth looked at her mother in confusion and then caught what she meant and smiled.  “Something like that?”


“Would you mind telling me the name of the fish you are trying to hook?  I want to make sure he is good enough for my little girl.”


Elizabeth blushed and said, “Momma, please.”


“So you are not going to give me a name,” Irene said as she went back to finish the potatoes.




“The Weston that has been staying with us for two years and still takes supper with us? That Weston?” asked her mother in surprise.  In a million years never would she think her daughter was interested in someone so much older.  On the other hand, she could not have made a better choice; hardworking, stable job, and mature.


“Yes momma, that Weston,” Elizabeth said laughing.  “Do you know another Weston?”


Before her mother could answer, her youngest sister, who was five years old, tugged on her skirt and said, “Pretty sister.”


“Thanks, Becky,” she said as she stooped down and give her sister a quick hug.


By the time they had the tablet set for supper, Weston came rushing in, half out of breath with a sack of Nellie in one hand.  “I am sorry Irene; last-minute customer.  I hope I did not make you late..,” his voice trailing off as he caught sight of Elizabeth helping her youngest brother with his food. 


Seeing his reaction towards her oldest daughter, Irene knew that she would have no trouble reeling in the fish as he was already hooked.  Interrupting the silence, Irene said,


“Everyone, please sit down and let’s eat before it gets cold.”


All during the meal Weston could not seem to keep his eyes off Elizabeth, knowing that he was a goner, that he was going to have to ask Irene for her daughter’s hand in marriage and soon before some other younger man caught her eye. 


After the meal, while the kids cleared the table, he turned to Irene and asked, “May I escort your daughter on a walk this evening?  I promise not to keep her out too long and will be happy for you or one of children to accompany us as a chaperone.”



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