Spoiled Little Rich Girl: Wild West Spanking from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

Spoiled Little Rich Girl

Wild West Spanking


The Lana Wilder Erotic Collection


The year is 1853 and though it was an early morning in June it was already promising to be another scorcher in Pittsburg.  As the carriage carrying her father and his daughter got closer to the train station, the deeper the scowl became on her face.  Mollie Dumont was 18 years old, and the daughter of steel tycoon Alistair Dumont.  Mollie was 5’3”, had auburn hair that flowed to her waist, and green eyes flecked with gold, with a smattering of freckles across her nose. 


Her mother had died giving birth to her stillborn brother when she was eight so at that time her father took over the role of mother and father.  As being the daughter of a steel tycoon she was used to all that money could buy.  A month ago she had been caught in a compromising position with her father’s driver and now he was shipping her off to her aunt and uncle’s in River Gorge, Colorado. 


To say she did not want to go was an understatement but her father was adamant about her going.  He did not want a repeat of what he had walked in on and did not want the embarrassment of his daughter being forced into a marriage with a commoner.  Alistair figured that after three months away the talk would die down and she could come home and be married to a man in her class. 


“Daddy don’t send me out west.  You fired Joe so there is no chance of that happening again, and besides, he was trying to take advantage of me.” Mollie whined.


“Sure, whatever you say, Mollie,” her father said as he stepped down onto the platform at the train station, turning to offer her his hand while his new driver took the trunks and put them at the edge of the platform. 


Mollie took her dad’s hand and let him help her out of the carriage, shaking out her traveling skirt to get some of the wrinkles out.  “Please, won’t you give me another chance?” she asked batting her eyes at him.


Ignoring her pleas Alistair walked up to the window to make sure that the train would be on time.  The driver stood off to the side rubbing the horse’s nose. 


Walking over to the driver, Mollie said sweetly, “Put my trunks back in the carriage as I am not leaving,” touching him gently on the arm.


Before he could say anything her father stormed over to her and said, “That is precisely why you are going west young lady.  You are just like your mother, always flirting with other men.”


Taking her none too gently by the arm, he led her over to a bench and pushed her down on it, then took a seat beside her.  Both sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts when they heard the whistle of the train.  Mollie knew it was no good to try any more arguments with her father when he had that look on his face. 


‘Oh hell, it is just for three months,’ Mollie thought to herself. ‘It cannot be that bad considering they work for the railroad.  It may not be Pittsburg but I am sure I will still be living in luxury.’


When the train pulled in the station the driver came back over to make sure that her two trunks were loaded onto the train while her father escorted her to a train car.


“You have your ticket, right?” he asked.


“Yes, I have it daddy,” she said coldly.  “This is your last chance to do things right.”


“Have a safe trip and a good vacation.  I will see you in six months.”


“Six months!” Mollie screeched.  “You said three months.”



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