It is always a real turn on when I read a book that sounds like a true story. This one is one of those. ★★★★★
Sharing Sarah: Sharing My Hotwife from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

Sharing Sarah

Sharing My Hotwife

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My Small Dick Made Her a Slutty Wife

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Sarah woke up with a familiar craving and aching. She’d overslept, she was well aware of that, and in recent days she’d been hoping her sleep stretched longer. These days, morning usually meant interrupted dreams; and those usually meant waking up with a moist stickiness between her legs and a strong craving rocking her body.


She clasped her hand between her legs, her fingers caressing her swollen labia, as her eyes opened slowly. It was a beautiful morning; the sun was up, its rays falling through window, warm on her face. The space beside her was empty, the sheets rumpled.  She bit her lips as she thought of her husband Will. She needed a release and she needed it now.


As if he’d been listening to her very thoughts, Will stepped out of the bathroom, his hands and fingers rolling up the the sleeves of his shirt.


“Good morning, beautiful,” he said. Sarah looked at him and smiled softly. She loved her husband; the way his frame fit perfectly into his shirt, and the way he towered over her; and his hair which she loved gripping when he ate her out, and his charming smile. She focused on these thoughts and tried not to think of the other stuff; it wasn’t the time for that even though her sexual craving was still quite present.


It was almost impossible to ignore the fact that her beloved husband was less than endowed in between his legs; to put it straight:  he had a tiny dick.   And while this was certainly worrying to Sarah, her love for her man remained strong, albeit not as it would have been if he’d had a massive dick.


“You looked worked up,” he said and sat on the bed, close to her. “You look like you could use a good tongue action.”


Sarah felt a spark within her as he spoke. She quickly reached for him, her lips searching for his. She sucked hard on his lips, moaning as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She was all over him; her arms around him and her body pressed into his.


“Easy, girl,” Will said as he broke the kiss. But easy was the last thing on her mind. She sat up on the bed and roughly puled open his shirt, not minding that he’d soon be off to work. She knew he could always wear a new shirt; besides, she didn’t exactly like the pink one he currently had on.


With one hand over his neck and the other on his arm, she pulled him towards her till her back rested against the soft bed, and his body on her.


She didn’t say much, but it was obvious she’d passed her message because Will immediately took over.


He kissed her lips and then her neck, tracing little lines with his tongue. She moaned as she felt the heat of his breath on her, and she dug her nails into his back, feeling the smoothness of his skin. Will planted tiny kisses on her neck and moved down to her chest. He pulled down the strap of her night gown, baring her skin.


Her boobs jiggled freely as the night gown came off. He flicked his tongue over her erect nipples and she let at a soft moan, biting her lips. His tongue circled around her nipple and then he nibbled on it softly, biting and sucking and then switching to the second pair. His hands were soft as he squeezed her boobs, kneading it against her chest. His fingers, ticking on her skin, caressed her body and moved downwards, with his mouth still sucking on her boob.


Sarah gulped, her breathing rasp as she anticipated his hand which had already reached her waistline. She closed her eyes, feeling the rising sensation in her body as she he pulled her nipple between his teeth, and then she spread her legs wider as he slipped his hand between, his fingers probing and teasing. Her moisture coated his fingers as he teased her throbbing clit, flicking and rubbing it, causing her legs to spasm.


He kissed her boobs one last time and then continued his slow journey downwards, his fingers softly pinching her folds. She giggled as he kissed her navel and then held her breath as he suddenly went lower, his tongue leaving a wet trail. He seemed to be going slow—much too slow—so she held the back of his head and pushed her hip forward, burying his mouth into her pussy. This was what she’d been waiting for: her husband’s signature move, the tongue action. He was a maestro when it came to eating out a pussy and he did it with so much vigor and skill, almost as if he were compensating for his tiny dick.


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