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Rough Girls

Aggressive and Sensual Lesbians


Hot Rough Girl on Girl Sex

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They ordered drinks and soon got lost in their conversation once it arrived. Kayla sipped her drink a bit too enthusiastically, burping occasionally.


“You have to take it easy, okay?” Danielle said. “You nervous?”


Kayla was about to reply when a thought crossed her mind. “That sounds like something you’ll hear in a porn movie.”


Danielle’s face lit up with a sly smile and she bit her lips. “What type are you into?”


Kayla looked around, as if to check that no one was eavesdropping, and then sipped her drink. She leaned over the table, her face barely a few inches away from Danielle, and whispered. “Lesbian porn.” She buried her face in her palm after she made this revelation.


“Me too,” Danielle also whispered and Kayla looked up at her, her eyes bright now. Danielle continued, her voice smooth and sensual, “there’s something about two girls fucking that just makes my pussy wet.” She lowered her voice, “I think I’m even getting wet just thinking about it.”


Kayla felt her mouth grow dry as she heard Danielle. Of course this was also the case with her, and she could feel her pussy throbbing beneath her dress which had ridden up her thighs. She looked into Danielle’s eyes and thought, if only she could just reach her hand under this table, she’d feel how hot my pussy is.


As they refilled their drinks, they remained in the topic of lesbian porn, and it was obvious the topic was getting to them as they were both flushed. “I like it a little rough myself,” Kayla revealed. She went ahead to mention a particular porn she’d watched featuring a certain actress.


“Damn, she’s good, and she’s my favorite,” Danielle said and that sly smile came up on her face again. “You know, this is cheesy, but at one point I really wanted to be a porn actress. Lesbian porn, of course.” She sighed dreamily, “all the pussy I could eat.”


“That’ll be the life,” Kayla said, her eyes on Danielle’s boobs which seemed to shake in response to her words. She watched the way they pushed against her dress, and she could even see her nipples.


“Take it easy, don’t devour me already,” Danielle said and chuckled. Kayla smiled and tried to look away (a difficult task).


“You know what I would like to have right now?” Kayla asked, subconsciously spreading her legs wider as her panties soaked through.


“Pussy on your face?” Danielle guessed.


“Fresh pussy on my face,” Kayla replied and they clinked glasses. Silence immediately fell between them—Kayla had no idea what Danielle was thinking, knowing that she had her eyes fixed on her, but she knew that her own thoughts were currently filled with images of Danielle, spread eagle on a bed while she ate out her pussy.


She gasped when she felt something graze her legs under the table. She looked at Danielle who smiled back at her, as if she was up to nothing, but Kayla could feel her toes lightly moving up her legs. A little higher, she thought and moved her hips forward.


They stared at each other in intense silence, both unable to deny the excitement buzzing around them (and this had nothing to do with the game going on in the background). Kayla frowned when Danielle suddenly dropped her legs, but the frown was short-lived when she said.


“Hey, do you want to get out of this place?”


Kayla looked up hopefully. “Yeah. Let’s go to my place.”


She wasn’t exactly sure if what she actually meant was ‘yeah, let’s go fuck at my place’, either ways she was thrilled when Danielle gleefully said “okay”. Kayla fumbled for her keys when they got back to her apartment. Knowing that Danielle was standing right behind her, and teasing herself with the possibilities of what was to come, was enough to make her a nervous mess.


“Take your time, I don’t mind,” Danielle said. “The view is great from here.”


Kayla blushed and wiggled her ass, then she pushed the door open. “Welcome to the place I call home,” Kayla said and turned to Danielle.


“Where you get to fuck and watch porn without no one bothering you,” Danielle said, sounding as sensual as she could. They sat on a sofa, close to each other with their knees barely touching. Kayla knew what she wanted; she knew just why her breathing was a bit tense and why her heart thumped against her chest; she knew just whey her pussy throbbed, with her juices flowing through the thin material of her underwear. The question was: did Danielle also want the same thing? There was only one way to find out.


“A nice place you got here,” Danielle said and spoke before Kayla could reply. “Uhm, do you got a girlfriend?”


Kayla spread her legs slowly, shifting to the edge of the sofa so her dress rode up a bit, exposing her thighs. “No, I don’t,” she said and looked up at her. “But I’d be nice to have one though, especially on those lonely nights.”


Danielle smiled and looked her over, “yeah? any girl would be lucky to have a fine ass like you.” She shifted closer, her voice softening. “You got a great body, you know that?”


“I know now,” Kayla replied in a voice rough with desire. Their legs were touching now, and she could feel the excitement building up.


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