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Poker Night

First Time Going Gay

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Submitting to My Gay Fantasy

The Straight to Gay Boy Series


Chapter One


The night progressed at a steady pace, and got louder with each bottle of beer consumed.


“And I win, again,” Tom said excitedly as he threw down his cards. It wasn’t exactly a big deal, and he didn’t really win much thanks to the fact that they basically played for small change, but it was all good.


“You know,” Tom said, his speech slurred slightly. “My fiancée will flip her lid if she ever found out that I was out playing poker.”


“Seems quite normal,” Peter said. “My wife is not that cool with it either, but after a few years with her I guess I got bold enough to say fuck it.”


They all laughed, except Tom who just shook his head slowly.


“My wife doesn’t really care much about what I do,” Chris said and clinked beers with Peter.


“You got one of the good ones,” Peter added. He turned to Gunnar. “How about you, Gunnar/ You so fucking single that I’m sure you have to take permission from yourself to throw this together.”


“Good one,” Tom said and smiled a little. Gunnar also smiled; he was used to be the butt of every joke, it made him feel wanted and that made him feel content.


The men kept up with their talk, and as the night progressed their conversation became hotter. And it started with Peter.


“Marriage is all about fucking,” he said, his hand wavering and his eyes dull. “So, good luck on subscribing to the forever fucking package, Tom. Until you get tired of the bundle, at least.”


Gunnar, who’d been quiet the whole time, took the cue from Peter. “What’s the point of getting married anyways?”


“Fucking. Peter just said it; keep up, man,” Chris said, chuckling.


“My point exactly,” Gunnar continued. “I like to fuck and…” he paused when all three pairs of eyes turned to him. “What? I do love a good, hot fucking.”


Peter shrugged, “Me too.”


“Getting blown, now that’s the life,” Chris said and exchanged a knowing look with Peter. Tom felt it was his turn to speak.


“My fiancée thinks it’s a freaking sin to masturbate.”


The table became. The Tom smiled and added, “but fuck it, I love it!”


“Marriage is prison and I’m glad I’m a free man, just like a pendulum,” Gunnar said and raised his beer.


“And like a pendulum, you swing both ways,” Peter said and they all laughed.


“I don’t mind,” Gunnar said. “And…and you’re one to talk, I know you love asses.”


“Everyone loves asses,” Chris said.


Tom nodded, watching them but saying nothing.


“Yeah? And boobs,” Peter added.


“My wife doesn’t know this but I married her cause of her fucking melons,” Chris said.


It was obvious by now, from their slurred speeches and erratic laughter, that they were all intoxicated, albeit to a certain extent, and they all took full advantage of it – unleashing vile secrets and fantasies. Tom became curious as their discussion took a turn for the ‘intense’, and he felt himself become hot.


At one point, Christ stood up, his lips moving fast, as he narrated what he called “how to truly bang”. He turned Gunnar’s ‘crappy music’ up and twerked to it, soliciting wolf-whistles from Gunnar and even a bold, mildly surprising ass grinding from Peter.


By the time the night wore on, the beers exhausted and poker basically forgotten, the four friends were red-faced and extremely turned on. Chris and Peter threw each other side glances and mouthed words that one couldn’t really decipher.  Tom caught them, but he pretended as if he didn’t; he may have had one too many beers but were they flirting with each other.


Tom rubbed his chin and his eyes drifted to his watch. “Shit! Is that the time?” he said and quickly got up. “I gotta leave now,” he said.


“Look, guys, check this out,” Chris said and pointed at Tom. “Cute boy’s got a boner.”


Tom blushed and tried to divert their gazes from his crotch.


“I got a boner, too,” Gunnar said quite casually and soon their attention was on him.


“Poker night was great, guys,” Tom said as he walked out the door. It was freaking great indeed. He couldn’t wait to get home so he’d fuck his fiancée; he just hoped she wouldn’t ask him why he was so horny, because it even baffled him – after all, he’d been in the company of three other guys.


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