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Playing With My Best Friend

A Lesbian Yoni Massage Experience


best friends, squirting


“What is it called?!” Libby asked her best friend under her pants as she neared the finish to her forty-five-minute elliptical workout.


“Yo-nee!” Danni said back as she continued effortlessly on her elliptical.  “Y-O-N-I … yoni massage.  I’m telling you you gotta try it!  Especially you, Libby!  If anyone needs a good massage on her clit and va-jay-jay it’s you!”


“Sure … let me just finish this workout first!” Libby was struggling to finish her work out.  She tried to laugh but the truth was she wasn’t in as good of shape as Danni who was breezing through her level ten workout.  Her chuckles came out more like she couldn’t breath, which wasn’t too far from the truth.


The two best friends finished their workouts, grabbed their towels and headed over the open area to stretch out.  Both were looking hot in their yoga pants and sports bras, but Danni seemed to have an extra glow about her.  Not only could she literally run circles around Libby, but there was an aura about her.  An aura that she swore was from her new found stress-reliever:  yoni massages.


“So, your yoni massage therapist fingers you, and what?  Plays with your pussy?” Libby asked in bewilderment to Danni as she opened her legs wide and leaned forward to stretch after her hard workout.


“No, silly!  It’s tantric massaging.  It’s all about connecting the body, mind and spirit … just like regular massaging, only this works on those, y’know … areas a normal massage therapist doesn’t go!”


“Or shouldn’t!” Libby joked back; they both giggled as they continued to stretch out.


They were facing each other, legs spread open wide and the bottoms of their feet almost touching.  As Danni leaned over, Libby couldn’t help but notice her large, perfectly round breasts that fell forward.  As Danni stretched up and down, Libby could see her lovely breasts bouncing and giggling.  She found herself looking down her friend’s sports bra as they stretched and talked about this new massage trend that Danni was swearing by.


“Laugh now …” Danni said as she stretched out over her right legs, her left arm up over her ear.  “But you’ll be thanking me later!”


Libby tried to concentrate on stretching, especially since she had pushed herself so hard on the elliptical, but the thought of this sexy massage was too much for her.  It was supposed to be a therapeutic massage, but she could only think about what the therapist would be doing … massaging her lady bits, rubbing her love button, placing pressure with their fingers on the inside her whoo-hoo hole … all in the name of “tension release”.  It sounded wonderful.


“So how does it go?” Libby tried to ask casually, trying to hide her ulterior interest in the ancient art of Yoni massaging.  Her imagination wandered and her pussy responded by getting slightly wet.


Danni flipped sides and began stretching over her left leg, the flip causing her tits to giggle even more.  Libby felt like she entered a whole new world as she suddenly was attracted to her best friend.  She again tried to concentrate on her stretching.


“You go into a room with a massage table and the music and the aromatherapy … just like a regular massage,” she bounced up and down to stretch out her inner thigh muscles, Libby tried desperately not to stare at her supple breasts bouncing in opposite directions from Danni’s bounce.


“You lay down, only totally naked, and …” she said in a coy, sexy voice as shifted herself to be stretched out directly in front and rested her elbows on the mat.  She sank into her shoulders, her sports bra now acting as a hammock for her round, beautiful tits.


“No towel!” she said with a devilish grin and shimmied back and forth; her boobs tangled inside her sports bra.  Libby could feed her heartbeat in her cunt.  It must have been one of those times of the month when she would be extra frisky because the talk from and sight of her sexy friend was turning her on.


“Oh my god!” Libby squealed back.  “Then what?!”


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