New Year’s Eve Party: Markus Goes Straight to Gay from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

New Year’s Eve Party

Markus Goes Straight to Gay

  J.S. Strickland


Bi Curious Men Go Gay

The Straight to Gay Boy Series


Luke really didn’t look like someone ready to leave the car, he still had his seatbelt on and he didn’t make a move to step out, even when Markus turned off the engine and even said “we’re here”.


“Thanks for the ride,” Luke finally said. “Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend? It’s Christmas eve.” “Oh, well, someone had to get you home, and I was glad to do that.”


“Thanks,” Luke said, his voice softer than normal. Markus assumed it was just the alcohol doing him, so he decided to take it easy with him.


They talked for a couple more minutes and soon got relaxed. There were displays of fireworks no too far from them, so they relaxed and watched them. Markus told a few anecdotes, saying how he was scared of fireworks because of some incident which happened during his childhood. They both laughed at the story and the atmosphere became less tense for them.


“Do you, uh, have a boy…uhm, well, are you with someone?” he asked Luke.


“No, not at the moment. I know you’d think because I’m gay I don’t really get heartbroken…”


Markus interrupted him, “I really didn’t think that. I know what it feels like being heartbroken, I just went through a divorce before Jeannie.”


Luke sat up, his face distraught, and glanced at him. “Awww, sweet cheeks, I’m sorry about that.”


“It’s alright,” Markus said and looked away. “It really wasn’t meant to be; she, I don’t really know, but she really wasn’t into sex and well, I’m a guy and …”


“You like getting fucked,” Luke added.


Markus turned sharply and stared at him, but said nothing. They stayed silent for a couple of minutes, then Luke slowly moved his hand. Markus followed it with his gaze and watched it dropped on his lap.


“Hey!” Markus said and jerked his leg, pushing Luke’s hand away. Luke rubbed his hands together and looked down, “I’m sorry.”


Even though Markus had thought it absurd at first, he didn’t like that Luke looked sad because of the way he’d just reacted, so he told him it was okay.


“No, really, I’m sorry,” Luke continued, then he looked at Markus, “I don’t want to seem so forward and I know you’re straight and all, which I think is adorable, but I just wanted to give you a quick blow job.”


“I, what?” Markus asked and sat straight. He could see that Luke was still partially drunk, or at least he looked that way. Was he serious about the blowjob? And why was his heart suddenly pacing fast? And, curiously, why was he looking around to see if people were around? The truth was that the idea intrigued him, and he the fact that he’d spent almost twenty minutes talking with Luke didn’t really help what he was feeling.


He won’t remember this and that means Jeannie won’t know about it, he thought to himself and shrugged; it was a new year, he might as well do something crazy.


“Fine, a quick one,” he said and adjusted himself as he pulled down his pants. He whipped out his cock, surprised at how hard he already was.

Luke’s eyes glowed as he grabbed the throbbing cock. Markus still felt a bit unsure, but that quickly disappeared when he felt


Luke’s warm lips on his cock.


“Shit,” he muttered, without even knowing it, and pushed his against the wheels. Luke clasped his lips around Markus’s cock, and moved his tongue around. His lips smacked and his hand closed around the shaft and he began to suck hard.


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