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My Pillow Princess: Lesbian Oral Pleasures from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

My Pillow Princess

Lesbian Oral Pleasures


Older Woman Younger Girl Oral Desires

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Drinking wasn’t something Claudia did much of, so the few glasses of wine were hitting Claudia and releasing inhibitions.  She continued to have little giggles to herself as she bounced into the bookstore.  Normally she would head straight to the foreign language literature sections, but tonight she was feeling sassy and a bit frisky.  This evening she was going to whatever section had the sex books in it.


She wandered around the store until she found the adult and relationship section.  Her eyes ran across the titles, scoping out the words she really wanted to read about:  lesbian, cunnilingus; she wondered:  Is there a category called intense pussy eating?


“Mrs. Sumner?” a pleasant voice asked her from behind.  Claudia turned around.  It was Jessica.


“Jessica!  Hi!  Yeah it’s me,” she was nervous that someone she knew bumped into her when she was in this section. 


“I thought it was.  It’s nice to see you again!”


“Nice to see you too,”


This was not the time for a tipsy, sex-starved, pussy-craving Claudia to be conversing with her hot, pretty new massage therapist who has seen her practically bare-assed naked.  All those thoughts mixed with the wine still swirling around in her head made her feel sexy, sensual, and made her pusys cream her panties a little bit. 


“I just love this bookstore, don’t you?”


“I do.  I come here often; it’s like a retreat for me.”


“A retreat?  From what?  If you don’t mind my asking.”  Jessica was incredibly polite, like she was still very respectful of the professional relationship she was developing with her new clients.


“Oh just the boredom of being a housewife …”


“Yeah, I know what you mean …” Jessica said back with a lamentful tone to her voice.


“Oh are you married?  You’re bored?  I would think massage therapy would be very exciting.” 


“No, not married.  I have a boyfriend, but thing are just not going anywhere,” she opened up to Claudia, “that’s why I’m in this section …”


“Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Communication problems?” she did feel sorry that Jessica was feeling down, but honestly that she was having problems with her boyfriend actually sounded nice, especially in her tipsy-frisky state of mind. 


“Ha!  I wish!  No, it’s more … like, private stuff …”


“Oh, not enough in sack, huh?” Claudia said flippantly, realizing she was projecting her own relationship problems.


“Well something like that …” Jessica was embarrassed but felt comfortable with Claudia to open up.  “My boyfriend …”


“It’s OK, Jessica.  I’m here to listen.”


“Well, it’s embarrassing!  But he doesn’t go down on me!”  Jessica said with a blushed face, looking around to see if anyone was listening.


“Oh honey, that’s terrible …” Claudia couldn’t believe what she was saying.  The wine definitely gave her to confidence to be honest with herself.  She was going to take care of Jessica’s problem.  She was going to be that oral giver that her boyfriend wasn’t.  She got wetter just thinking about it.


“I’m sorry,” Jessica said bashfully, “I shouldn’t be telling my client this!”


Claudia put her hand on her pretty massage therapist’s arm and said with a smile, “Sweetie, think of me as your friend … I’m here for you, for whatever you need.”


There was something so soothing about Claudia’s voice and her touch that made Jessica feel better.  She was somehow drawn to Claudia.  She was so beautiful and confident.  And being totally honest with herself, Jessica was lonely.  She had sex with her boyfriend, but she never really got off.  It felt good and she loved her boyfriend, but she wanted something more, something mind-blowing.  Claudia’s touch sent shivers through her body, right to her lady parts.


“Thank you, Claudia.  You’re really sweet to say that.”  She smiled back at Claudia; they looked into each other’s eyes.  They both realized they were having a moment.  Claudia began running her hand up and down Jessica’s arm as they stood in the aisle of the bookstore.


“Whatever you need …” Claudia said suggestively, realizing that more than anything right now, she wanted to go down on Jessica and give her the pleasure she could feel and tell she wanted.  She wanted to taste Jessica’s sweet pussy. 

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