Locked Out gives excitement and a thrill ride throughout. I love these types of stories and this one does not disappoint. ★★★★★
Locked Out: Straight Guy Goes Gay from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

Locked Out

Straight Guy Goes Gay


My First Time Gay Sex

The Straight to Gay Boy Series


By the time Nick got to his apartment, it was almost midnight. Jared had introduced the brunette to him before disappearing with her, leaving Nick to finish his drink. He had watched the game on the screen above and struck up a conversation with the bartender, who turned out to have been a football player in his university days too. He ended up drinking even more than he was planning on, and stumbled to his apartment’s door, fumbling for his keys.


But there was nothing in his pockets. It took him a moment to remember – he had left them at the office when he took his phone out of his pocket.


The office building would be closed by now, and there was no way his superintendent was still awake. He had thought his day couldn’t get worse, and now it was proving him wrong.


It was only when he’d been sitting on the steps with his head in his hands that he remembered he did have another option.


He and Tammy had visited their next door neighbor Theo when he moved in a few months ago, excited to have someone else in the building who was around their age. They’d held a few wine and cheese type events together in the meantime.


Theo was an easy going guy, not the type to blow up at anyone for knocking at their door in the middle of the night. He was European too, from the Netherlands. While his English was great (with just the slightest hint of an accent), he was just more…hospitable, more welcoming and warm than most Americans their age. Probably more so than Nick himself would be at this hour.


Either way, the guy was his best bet at the moment.


Within three knocks Theo popped his head out of the door. He smiled when he saw Nick, throwing his door open and moving forward to embrace him.


“Nick! It’s been a while. I’m so glad to see you again. How have you been?”


Nick mumbled through a few greetings. For all the friendliness between him, Tammy, and Theo, he had never grown used to the physical intimacy that European guys like Theo seemed so comfortable with. People from the Netherlands were just … different, he guessed.


Hopefully he didn’t smell too much like alcohol. Theo was a big, swarthy guy, but somehow he smelled very pleasant. A little musky, but nice.


What the hell kind of thoughts was Nick thinking? He shook his head. It had been a weird day, that was all, and he was ready to go to bed.


“Stay over?” Theo raised an eyebrow. “Of course! How can I turn away a neighbor in need? Make yourself at home, please.”


With that he pulled Nick in, shutting the door behind them.


Theo’s living room was decorated in a simple but tasteful manner, with bookshelves on each side and two abstract paintings on the wall. The lights were already turned down low in the room, and when Nick sat down on the couch he noticed the wine glass and open bottle of wine sitting there.


“You want some?” asked Theo, sitting down next to him. Their thighs brushed against each other’s. Nick shifted, but didn’t move away. He didn’t want to seem weird.


“Sure, man. Wine’s always a great way to end the night.”


“I agree. That, and a great companion.” Theo poured a glass of wine and handed it to him. Was it just Nick’s imagination? His hands stayed around the glass for longer than necessary, just brushing against Nick.


“Yeah. Tammy’s away, though, so you’ll have to settle for me.” Nick laughed. “Just some guy who comes to bother you at night.”


“Of course not. I’ve always enjoyed your company. Plus, I don’t have a beautiful partner to occupy my time like you do.”


“Yeah, about that. Are you just not a relationship person, haven’t found the right girl …?”


“The right … girl?” Theo took a drink from his glass. His Adam’s apple bobbed while he tilted his head to the side, his dark hair falling out of his piercing blue eyes. “I don’t think about it like that. I think anyone can be compatible with any number of people. I enjoy exploring people’s bodies and letting them explore mine. It’s almost like a learning process.”


“Really? What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done, then? Or thought of doing?”


Nick didn’t know why he was talking like that. The tone of voice he was using barely sounded like his own. It crackled with tension, almost like he was challenging Theo. Hopefully the guy wouldn’t be able to tell.


Theo licked the red tint of wine from his lips, his tongue flickering slowly over his teeth while his eyes fixed on Nick. “Sex is simple … although it’s also complicated. I don’t know what I would call ‘kinky’. What about you?”


“I mean … I had a dream last night.”


Why was he telling him this? Nick had spent the whole day trying to forget it. And now here he was, words pouring out of his mouth like he had no control over them.


Something about the way Theo was sitting bothered him. His legs open, his fingers curled around the wine glass so carelessly. The way that his white shirt opened at the chest, showing just a bit of his defined collarbones.


“I won’t judge you for your dream, Nick. I promise. But if you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to …”


“No. I want to.”


There was a lump in his throat with each word that he spoke. Yet somehow, Nick was sure.


“I had a dream that I was with a guy. He … sucked my dick and I liked it. But that was it.”


“Hmmm,” Theo’s wrist moved, rolling the dark wine in his glass. “Have you ever been with a guy before?”


“Of course not. I’m not gay or anything. Not that there’s anything wrong with …”


“Would you?”


All of the sudden, Theo was sitting up, his face close to Nick’s. Nick felt the breath seize in his throat. The sensation of their thighs chafing together was suddenly anything but innocent.




“I think you know what I mean, Nick.”


Theo’s breath was warm, slightly sweet with the scent of wine. Nick chewed on his lip.


“I think … I want …”


“I know what you want.”


Slowly, Nick leaned in.


Each little feeling felt magnified, electrified. Theo’s hand on his thigh, his other hand caressing his cheek, while their lips pushed together, mouths opening against each other, melting together in a passionate kiss. When he finally drew back, Nick was trembling.


“Well, then. Did you like that?”


Theo was smiling. His hand still rested on Nick’s thigh, the touch soft yet persistent.


“I … it was nice. But I’m not gay, I-I-I-”


“Labels are just that. Answer me this. Is that really something you want to be thinking about right now?”


Theo’s hand slipped under his chin. Nick let him push his face up, until he had to look into the other man’s pale blue eyes.


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