Late on Rent My First Time Going Gay Somerset Eros Publishing adults only NSFW

Late on Rent

My First Time Going Gay

  J.S. Strickland

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Secret Interracial Gay Desires

The Straight to Gay Boy Series


A few minutes later I walked up the stairs to the landlord apartment which was the only one on the top floor. I exhaled and knocked softly—almost hesitantly— on the door. I had to wait a couple of minutes, mostly to rehearse my pleas and excuses, before knocking again. This time the door opened slowly and I stared at him, wearing only shorts and completely shirtless.


“Come in,” he said and walked inside. I stepped into the apartment and had no time to take in the beauty around me as I decided that the earlier I unleashed my excuses, the better for me.


Unfortunately for me, he was much faster as he lounged on a sofa and said. “I hope you’ve got my rent?”


“That’s why I’m here,” I stuttered.


“Hell yeah, what other reason would make a tenant come up to my apartment?” he asked with an amused glint in his eyes. “Alright, pay up.”


I shifted closer to him, silent for a while. “I don’t have the money.”


He arched his eyebrows and sat up, his face in a scowl.


“Say what?” He rose up and stood next to me, staring straight at me, then his expression became relaxed and he shrugged. “I told you I’d have my payment one way or another.” That look was back in his eyes; the glow and smirk.


“You just have to accept your problems like a real man,” he said and stroked my chin with his finger. I held my breath, not sure what was happening, as he began to circle around me. He smacked my ass a couple of times and even pinched it.


This set my body on fire and made my heart thumped, but was I supposed to feel this way!  I mean, Casey just fucked me in the ass and I had a crazy sex dream about her brother doing the same thing, but … but … I’m not supposed to feel like this!


“I … don’t think this is necessary,” I said and pushed away from him.


He shifted closer and pressed his body into me from behind, his hard dick poking into my back. “It’s seems like I wasn’t very clear; you don’t have a fucking choice, bitch.” He moved to my front and stretched out his hands, “Or you got my money right here with you?”


I dropped my gaze to the ground and shook my head.


“I thought so,” he said and I heard the slack of his shorts as he took it off. Looking up, my eyes fell on his dick and I gaped.


“If I wanted you to stare at it I’d tell you,” he said in a hard voice and grabbed my hair. He was surprisingly strong as he pulled me down on my knees and before I could say anything I felt him shove his dick into my mouth.


My lips were tight as he pushed the tip of his dick against it.  I tried to struggle, but honestly it was me that wouldn’t let myself struggle.  His dick in my mouth felt and tasted … amazing.


“Don’t struggle, bitch,” he said and pushed open my lips and made sure his dick when all the way in. I gagged and my eyes watered as he roughly fucked my mouth; thrusting quickly and moaning. His breathing became heavier and before I realized what was happening, his dick pulsated and I felt a stream of warm stuff shot into my mouth.


Squinting, tears around the corner of my eyes, I gulped and swallowed his cum.  It was taboo, even close to being wrong, but it was amazing.  The salty taste of his spew down my throat.  I wanted more, but didn’t want to seem like I liked it.  After all, I’m straight … right?!


“Fuck,” he said and took out his semi-hard dick, still wet with my saliva. “That was just the beginning,” he said, as if suspecting that I’d think the job was done. He sat on the sofa and looked at me. “My dick ain’t gonna suck itself.”


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