Fun With the Babysitter: My First Lesbian Experience from Somerset Eros Pub - Adult Only

Fun With the Babysitter

My First Lesbian Experience


Mature Woman & Bisexual Babysitter

bisexual, babysitter


“You can call me Jenna,” I told her with a smile on my face, trying my best to make it a friendly one and not a sultry one because her confession and our casualness was making my crotch tingle and my clit to perk up a bit.


She stared at me deeply like she had something on her mind. She blushed as she spoke, “You know, I really admire how successful you are. I mean, wow, I just wish I get to become like you someday.”


“That’s sweet of you, Kiara. And believe me, you’re on the right track. Between the both of us,” I said and leaned closer, “I like just how open-minded you are. It’s … refreshing.”


Our eyes met and we stayed silent, staring at each other. I broke the eye contact, feeling the heat of the building tension.  We were flirting – no doubt about it.  She made me feel … comfortable.  Comfortable in these new feelings I was having, which only made my pussy swoon more.  My clit was full-on pulsating at this point.  My thoughts went to her pretty mouth sucking on my erect clit … but I had to stop my sexy thoughts.  After all, we were in a public place!


“How about I give you a ride?” I asked as we stepped out of the coffee shop.  I could feel the moisture between my legs.  One things about me is that I get turned on easily and this moment was turning me on.


“Not necessary, Jenna,” she said in a voice so natural it felt as if we’d been friends since forever.


“You sure? It’s getting pretty hot out here.”


She smiled and took out a pair of sunglasses from her bag. “I got my glasses.” She put it on and posed with her hand on her hips, “How’s it?”


“Beautiful.” I almost said ‘hot’, but I don’t think I was ready for whatever reaction that would cause.


“Thanks for this opportunity, Jenna. You won’t regret it.”


“I know I won’t,” I said and watched her as she walked away, my eyes especially on her small as squeezed into her shorts, wiggling as she got farther away.


I found myself thinking about her as I drove by to the office. I thought to myself that she had everything: a beautiful body and an attractive personality. I even found myself thinking about the possibility of another coffee date with her; it was a good thing my kids were still little—I’d make sure she had a lot of babysitting assignment.


Later that night, after going through my usual routine and making sure the kids were in bed, I hurried got in bed and grabbed my laptop. All through the remaining hours at work I’d constantly heard Kiara’s voice in my head, laughing and telling me she was bisexual. This set off an excitement in me again and one I wanted to enjoy as much as possible.


It took a few taps on the keyboard for me to get into one of my favorite porn sites. I moved the cursor with my right hand and bit the nails on my left as I browsed through the categories. I stopped at ‘lesbian’ and immediately felt my heart pace faster. Looking around the room, as if to make sure I was still alone, I clicked on it.


I found a video of a young blonde, just like Kiara, and the whole setting was about a college dorm scenario. With my earbuds in place, I clicked on it and it began to play. It started with two girls kissing and then fingering each other’s pussies, screaming wildly.  The sounds of sloppy wet pussy fingering penetrated my ears as my own snatch began to moisten with my creamy juices.  My clit was already pulsating and pushing through the soft petals that surrounded it.


My breathing became heavier and I spread my legs wide. With my eyes still on the girls, as they began to sixty-nine themselves, I licked two of my fingers and started to massaged my clit.  My clit was already wet with my cum and almost jumped as I touched it lightly and began circling my fingertip around the top.  God, I loved my clit.  I loved being aroused by working my love button.  I was definitely a clit woman!


A soft moan escaped from my throat as I pushed my fingers into my wet snatch, trying to go as fast as the girls.


“Kiara,” I moaned and shut my eyes, imagining it was her moans that were filtering into my ears; that it was her hand caressing my boobs, and her fingers going deep into my swollen pussy and bringing close to an orgasm. I held my breath and kept my eyes closed, my fingers moving faster. The room soon broke with the sound of my orgasm as I writhed on the bed, gasping and moaning, and screaming her name. I fell asleep shortly after, not bothering to turn off the porn. Kiara. That was the name that echoed through my head as I slipped into a beautiful dream.


Knowing that Friday was when Kiara would come and babysit the kids, and when I’d be able to see her again, got me jittery. Luckily, Friday finally came.


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