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Cindy Gets Her Fill

Banging My Hotwife

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He woke up to a buzzing sound and turned to his side just in time to watch the screen of his phone light up as a text came in. Tony quickly reached to the side of the bed and picked up the phone. His heart beat faster and his forehead became damp as his eyes took in the words of the text.


Are we still on for this weekend?


He tapped the screen and typed feverishly, reading his reply over and over again. He cleared it and typed another, and then did the same thing over and over again. He smiled when he finally settled on an answer—a simple ‘yes’—and tapped send. He locked his phone and kept it by the side of the bed, then he lay back and sighed.  His wife was probably in the bathroom because the light in there was on and the space beside him was warm and rumpled.


I gotta be more careful, he thought to himself and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. The last thing he wanted was Cindy finding out about her; they already had enough problems as it was and, thinking about it closely, it was still those problems that got him arranging a meet up with her at the weekend.


Her name was Stephanie, and that was about all he knew about her (he was quite fine with that; the less he knew about her the better). They’d been texting for the past couple of weeks and had agreed to meet up in the weekend. They didn’t want to talk (they’d both made that clear at the very beginning), neither did they want to get to know each other. It was strictly a meet up for sex, end of story.


Fucking strangers was not exactly something he usually did; as a matter of fact, he’d scoffed at the idea when a colleague at work had told him of his weekly sexcapades at various motels around the state.


“It’s very exciting, trust me,” his friend had said. But that was not really what convinced him. Tony knew for certain that he loved Cindy, and he always wanted her to be happy. But lately she’d been unhappy and the cause was pretty apparent; after being married for a couple of years the signs were practically un-missable.


The thing about Cindy, besides her goddess-like beauty which comprised of beautiful brown hair and a wide smile, flawless skin and a body to die for, was her libido. At one point when they’d been dating, Tony had joked to her about having the sex drive of a hooker. He’d almost thought it was a bad joke, but then she’d laughed and given him a quick blow job. That was years ago; she certainly wasn’t going to keep giving blowjobs all her life, and her libido had definitely tripled since then. The tiny snag in the who thing was Tony himself.


The bathroom door opened, the light falling over the dark room, and Cindy stood in front of it. She wore a skimpy night gown, made of a fabric so thing that it showed off her boobs and her pussy. Standing with the light behind her, Tony could see the silhouetted view of her perfect body and his dick twitched to life.


She touched her hair and turned to him. “You’re awake. Did I wake you?”


“No, not really,” Tony said and watched her boobs heaved as she approached the bed.


“Oh, good,” she said lay on the bed, not bothering with the covers. They stayed quiet, not speaking to each other, then she muttered a soft goodnight and turned away from him. Tony frowned, and he could still feel his dick pushing against his shorts. He could also feel her body heat close to him, and the slow heaving of her body as she breathed softly. Reaching out his hand slowly, he grazed her ass with his fingers and moved his touch along her thigh, the smoothness of her soft flesh causing his mouth to water.


He slid his hands between her legs and frowned when he saw that she made no move to spread her legs wider. Still aroused, he ignored it and let his hand touch the softness of her pussy. Her folds were moist and warm, and her sticky juices flooded his fingers. She was wet, which made it weird that she wasn’t reacting to his touches.


She grunted softly and then shifted her legs, consequently pushing his hand off her pussy. “I’m not in the mood, Tony,” she said and shifted farther away from him. He sighed and pulled his hand away from her. This was a definition of their nights in recent days, and it was very much unlike her to not be in the mood, like does the sun not rise and set each day?


He knew what the problem was, and as he rubbed her juices over his tiny dick, stroking and trying not to pant too hard, he made up his mind to make things right, even if that meant seeing Stephanie in the weekend. He tried to get himself off as Cindy slept beside him. She wasn’t in the mood and her pussy was soaking wet? That only meant that she’d been masturbating in the bathroom earlier, and the thought of his made his dick throb.


He turned to her and stared at the shape of her ass, exposed under her gown which had shifted up. He could see the glistening outline of her pussy and all he could think of was taking his dick and plunging into her, but that was all wishful thinking; if only h had a big dick, he knew for sure that she wouldn’t resist him. There had to be a way to satisfy her, and he was going to find it.


As he came to that conclusion, he stroked faster on his dick and his legs shook as he shot his cum to the side of the bed.


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