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12 Hours in Tokyo: Lesbian Domination Submission, a Shibari Experience from Somerset Eros Publishing - Adult Only

12 Hours In Tokyo

Lesbian Domination and Submission, a Shibari Experience


Female Domination and Submission BDSM

dominatrix, Japanese, shibari, forced orgasm


“Now, little girl,” she bent over and cupped her hand again on my chin, “But your hands behind your back.”  I obeyed my Queen’s command.  She walked over to a chair, sat down, lifted each leg over each of the arms to expose her opened flower and her enormous clit.  I imagined that if this was her clit flaccid, how wonderfully bit would it be when I would be allowed to suck on it?  My own clit began to throb at the sight of her magnificent bud and I nearly squirted all over myself at the thought of having to play with in my mouth.


“I am going to tie you up.” I whimpered again at the thought.  “And you are going to like it.” She said sternly.  I tried to say something, kneeling there with my hands behind my back, fingers laced together to hold them together.


“Silent! I said! You talk too much!  No come here, you servant.”  I obeyed and walked on my knees over to her.  In an instant she grabbed my head and forced my face into her bare cunt.  “Now eat my pussy!  This will get you to shut up!  And don’t stop until I cum!”


At first my face was crammed so hard, so deep into her pussy it took me by surprise and I gave a little cough.  But once the aroma of her sweetness hit me, I knew what I was to do.  I began to lick my Queen’s pussy, eagerly lapping at it from all directions and in all places.  I wanted to come and my clit didn’t stop reminding me as it throbbed with the need to be sucked and fondled.  But first, my Queen.


Her taste was intoxicating and I was instantly hooked.  But as much as I savored her sweet nectar, I wanted to badly to make her cum.  I worked feverishly to find her sensitive spots, then honed in on them and watched as best I could with my tongue in her cunt, to see if she reacted to my efforts to please her.


Suddenly she stopped, brought her legs down to almost squeeze my head out from her crotch.  I sat up, looking at her with my face surely glistening from her juices that covered my mouth and chin.  I breathed in her intoxicating aroma as she bent over and looked me straight in the eyes.


“Chloe,” she said soberly, “if I told you to sit there all night with your hands behind your back, would you do it?”


“Yes, Lady Aya.  Of course, anything for my Queen,” I said hoping she let me finish what I had started with my mouth and tongue.


“Then what difference does it make if your hands are tied or not?”  She lifted one eyebrow with your reasonable question.  She was right.  What difference did it make?  Besides, it’s what she wanted and though part of this was fun and a game, she did have me.  And I would do what she wanted.  And I trusted her.  But still the whole unknown and surrendering of power like to was, I have to admit, thrilling.


“It doesn’t …” my voice trailed as I realized how much more control and power I was giving to Aya.  It felt … liberating in a way.  And it felt very sexy and was incredibly arousing. 


She lifted her legs back in their position and commanded me to continue my dutiful pussy worshipping, hands still behind my back.  I was in heaven in her womanhood, my tongue worked in and around her labia to find the spots that made her gasp. 


My neck would ache in one position, so I would turn my head and find another spot, between her labia coated with a mixture of my saliva and her cum.  She would moan and tell me I was good.  It made me smile while continuing my work.


I flicked the tip of her clit until she took one her hands to pull the skin around it up, and used her fingers to pull back her clit hood … her clit grew in my mouth while my own clit pumped and ached to have the same treatment I was giving to her clitty, or even just a touch.  But first Lady Aya and her huge clit.  With as much of her clit as I could suck into my mouth, I rubbed the underside of it with the top of my tongue.  I could feel its slickness and I could see she loved it. 

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